Milestone 1

Covid-19 was a tough experience to the world, and one major following issue encountered was the families’ activities.

New York City, as a diverse community, where involves various events and activities, is also facing this serious problem. Families with young kids have been staying inside their houses: limited space, and sources narrow down the possible activities. Plus, besides play with their kids, parents also need to look after their schoolwork. That gradually put much more pressure to the parents.

The initial idea of my design phase would be a platform (it could a web page, could be an app) that showing various families’ activities and online tutorials parents could easily follow with their kids. What’s more, even after the pandemic, parents could still use the platform as a reference to see new coming out events or activities.

Possible functions may include: homepage, explore(search), popular activities(events), forum, account page (personal info, payment, privacy, language setting, etc.)

However, because of the difficulties of the age ranges, it will be a lot of work and hard to cover all ages activities. My target age range will be 3-12, so that the content would narrow down a little bit.

The final deliverable may be differed from the initial idea since there might encounter possible problems or design puzzlers. Yet, it will be a platform like what I described above. I will be starting collecting sources for my topic and move to M2 in the following weeks.

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