A Journey to The Bookstores in NYC

Collaborated with Zoe Wang

Concept Overview

Bookstores are precious resources that are available in every city. They are one of the most influencing learning places to obtain knowledge. NYC, the most densely populated metropolitan city, has even more learning resources to explore than other major cities. We are introducing a story map that includes the selected bookstores that worth visiting for everyone who has an interest to explore the learning resources available in NYC.


Statement of Need

Books are always known for its huge cost of expense. Simply selecting from internet sometimes is not enough for books lovers. Book stores represent the culture, education and interest of the people in the city. We find out that there are many articles and websites that introduce the book stores in NYC, but without any clear guidance for people to decide how and where they should start their journey. Our story map design allows book-store-lovers or tourists to simply have an overview of the locations of the valuable bookstores and decide their trip to these bookstores in NYC.


Concept Description

We chose storymap.js to present a journey to the recommended bookstores in NYC. The story map presents the bookstores by continuous “slides” that shows the specific geographic location on a map of the city.


Target Audience

Book-lovers, students and tourists


Learning Goals

Learners can easily understand how to plan their visits to bookstores as well as other sight-seeings in their vacation. Also, using a visual map helps them to better identify the locations and remember their experiences to the bookstores.


Learning Theory

Narrative is the basis for communicating, re-presenting and storing memorable sequences of experience (Wolf 2012)”. We consciously chose the storymap.js since it is a visually representation for human experiences that inherently has narrative meaning for individuals.



Werner Wolf (2003) Narrative and narrativity: A narratological reconceptualization and its applicability to the visual arts, Word & Image, 19:3, 180-197


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Bookstores in New York

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