Coding as a start to computer science

Collaborated with Zoe Wang

  • Concept Overview

We got our inspiration from an app we are using recently, it is called “Japanese”.  It has two functions, one is the dictionary function and the other one is the learning function.


  • Statement of need

By using the coding and narrative we covered in class, we are thinking to analyze the app through the coding aspect, and will give procedures by lucid chart. 


  • Concept Description

By conducting each part and step in this app, operators can be able to find out more detailed procedure by looking at our lucid chart, and will get more inspirations from learning this app’s analysis. We will break down each section into detailed steps, and will show that by lucid chart.


  • Target Audience

Target Audience will be people who are interested in operating apps or making games.


  • Learning Goals

For this project, we are aiming to be able to analyse an app or a game, by using the same principle, learners should be able to analyse, and breakdown the app functions into detailed steps. Also, by combining narrative and coding together, learners can be able to process the similar tasks. 

  • Learning Theory

“Meanwhile, we have found that presenting computer programming as a means to the end of storytelling motivates middle school girls (ages 11 to 15) to learn to program, potentially increasing the number and diversity of students studying computer science (Kelleher & Pausch, 2007).” from the readings, we could know by doing the programming, it can be a motivation for kids to study computer science. It can be an easy and fun start for all the people who are interested in computer programming.




Kelleher, C., & Pausch, R. (2007). Using Storytelling to Motivate Programming. Retrieved from: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GtwBIJN43tH4elb1lWC6DCULpXsux9zx/view



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