Creativity Comes From Daily Lives Forum

Collaborated with Zoe Wang

Course Overview:

Introducing “Creativity Comes From Daily Lives Forum” to enhance creativity in everyday learning. This is a dedicated forum that allows students to share daily inspirations with professors and other students.


Statement of Need:

We believe that sometimes Narrative design becomes harder when we do not have enough inspirations and clues to create. However, there are actually abundant of creativity and narration happening in daily lives, but we tend to ignore and forget them. 

A forum to exchange creativity can be an essential tools for students to gather ideas and inspirations from themselves and others. Forum is a place to exchange thoughts, suggestions and feedback for a specific idea. It will also become an ideation process for students to refine narration and creativity.


Concept Description:

This forum is open to everyone who takes narrative design classes to engage with one another. This forum supports students as young narrators to reflect on their own experiences. They can upload journals and ideas everyday to share with people who have knowledge in narrative design.


Target Audience:

The target audiences for this forum are writers, narrative designers. 


Learning Goals:

Exploring different fields of narration from one another. Since narration is about human experiences, understanding and sharing with one another can evoke creativity from daily lives. 


Learning Theories:

Constructivism: People construct knowledge and meaning from their experiences. Meaning comes from our interactions with the world. 


Situativity: critical knowledge can be learnt in the narrative culture. A shared forum is a place for people who get scaffolding from professors and other students to construct ideas effectively. 


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